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Keep Your Business Protected

Chauvin Agency strives to keep businesses protected from potential losses by providing owners and managers with the right policies for their specific organizations. We also serve individuals in Plattsburgh, New York, who need personal coverage for their home and vehicle. Whatever plan you choose, you can feel confident it will be the one you most need at the best available price.

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Commercial Property & Liability

Our commercial insurance plans are designed to help protect many of the risks your business can face, including:

• Damage or Destruction to Business Vehicles
• Certain Liability Exposures Resulting from the Operation of Business Vehicles
• Damage or Destruction to Office Equipment or Inventory
• Loss of Income in Case You Have to Close Up Shop Temporarily Because of a Covered Loss
• Certain Business-Related Liability Exposures, Such As Wrongful Entry or Search, Libel, & Slander
• Offenses Arising out of Your Business's Advertising
• Risks to Your Cargo While in Transit or Storage
• Theft or Loss of Tools & Equipment
• Crime Coverage, Including Robbery, Burglary, & Even Employee Dishonesty

Construction Contractors

If something can go wrong on a job site, chances are it will. As a contractor or general contractor, you are responsible for many things that transpire on a job site. If a crane falls, a cherry picker malfunctions, or a tradesman trips, you are responsible. Also, if the work isn't up to par, you are responsible for fixing it. Thankfully, we offer comprehensive contractor liability insurance designed to make your life easier. We customize and adjust each policy to address your specific concerns and project requirements.

Business Auto Coverage

You wouldn't dream of driving your personal automobile without insurance. It's just as important to protect your company vehicles. Even if you have personal auto insurance, you still need commercial auto insurance. That's because vehicles involved in an accident while engaged in company business may not be covered. Our company covers:

• Business-Use Automobiles
• Pickups
• Vans
• Trucks
• Non-Owned Vehicles
• Rented Vehicles

Workers Compensation

See the Chauvin Agency for workers compensation insurance that provides benefits to employees for work-related injuries. Coverage includes medical care and a portion of lost wages when the employee is unable to work. Workers compensation insurance also provides benefits for the employee's dependents if the employee dies during work-related duty. State laws require most employers to carry workers compensation insurance.

Having workers compensation coverage can save you and your business from costly lawsuits and employee issues. It protects your business and your employees, who are often times a huge part of the framework of a company. We provide you with a coverage program specifically tailored to meet your needs.

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Commercial Excess Liability

Excess liability insurance covers your business from catastrophic issues that threaten its security. This type of policy acts as an umbrella to your basic liability insurance. Your coverage kicks in when a claim is made against you that exceeds the amount of your existing liability coverage. Essentially, umbrella liability insurance provides a safety net when your other business coverage has been exhausted. Call us today for more information.